Project Name: Absen commercial LED display in Poland

Product Model:  Absen A1688

Screen Size:  total, 2000SQ.M.

Location:  Poland

Time:  2011

Applicable environment:  outdoor full-color LED display, commercial LED display, advertising LED display, stadium LED display


TESCO, a giant of international supermarket industry, was founded in 1932. It is the largest retailer in the U.K. as well as the one of the three largest in the world. In addition to 691 shopping malls in Britain, 42% of its stores are distributed in Poland and Southeast Asia.


In Poland, TESCO has opened large chain stores across the country in busy streets and districts, which are favored by local people and many advertisers. Large LED displays in such prime districts will largely improve people's visual experience and provide more up-to-date information.


To satisfy the strong demand, a Polish advertiser has been qualified, through great efforts, to build and operate the LED displays in front of the large chain supermarkets of TESCO. To search for suitable LED display products, at early 2010, the company came to China and contacted with hundreds of Chinese LED display makers.


Soon, Absen's cooperation model of “zero down payment” and its 25mm-pixel-pitch displayer attracted the advertiser's attention. Accompanied by Absen's distributors, the client came to Shenzhen for onsite investigation. Through careful comparison, Absen A1688 gained the largest favor.


Absen High Quality Outdoor Displayers Receive Plaudits among Polish Customers


A1688 is a 16mm-pixel-pitch LED displayer launched last April by Absen. The product features excellent flatness, shape contrast and the brightness of up to 8000nit. Moreover, thanks to function of spot-by-spot correction, it provides clear and natural pictures, thus is the first choice for outdoor advertising. After careful consideration, the advertiser decided to select this product and has continued to cooperate with Absen. At present, 45 A1688 LED HD displayers with a total area of 2000SQ.M. have been installed in front of TESCO chain stores in Poland, forming the largest outdoor display network in Europe.